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Engineering projects management,

validation, QA and IT/OT services

in the pharmaceutical & medical devices industries.

What we do

With the hands-on experiance of our engineers, we provide services in the pharmaceutical, medical devices and cannabis industries in Israel.


Engineering project management

Leading facility projects, clean-rooms design and construction, equipment installation and commissioning, etc.



Perform all kinds of mechanical and computerized validations.




Infrastructure architecture, equipment integration, interfaces, communication, network security, compliance with FDA requirements

Tech Solutions

Representation of worlds leading machinery manufacturers in Israel.

Track & Trace (serialization), cannabis, etc.


Why us

Creativity. Innovation. Liability. Responsibility.

Combining the full spectrum of the services we provide, our clients benefit our ability to deliver an end-to-end project. Our mission is to be a reliable partner by providing a single source solution. The dedication and efforts to provide skilled, comprehensive, attentive and customized services, with a real hands-on experience, making us a winning team.

We understand quality. We know what it takes to accomplish a project. We have the expertise for your challenge.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

We believe a significant part of our company’s growth and success is attributable to our philosophy of serving every client with absolute integrity, objectivity and the highest level of professional competence.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Team members

Our Unique boutique company

Two teams carry our excelence and reputation.  

Protechtiv team

Led by Shlomi Avraham, company’s CEO.

The team provides engineering, validations and QA consultancy .  

syaPro team

Led by Shlomi Avraham, Yaniv Neaman and Alex Hanimov.

The company experts Track&Trace (serialization) for pharmaceutical and medical devices industries , tech solutions and IT/OT consultancy. 

Our Portfolio

Find out who is among our clients

Omrix Biopharmaceuticals

a Johnson & Johnson company

We provide validation & QA services by our engineers 

on a daily based service.

Taro pharmaceuticals LTD

New production room design management

Packaging room re-design

New autoclave design

Validation master plan

Intec pharma LTD

QA IT & IT management.

Data integrity, control systems and IT systems assessment

according regulatory requirements.

Managing of mitigation activities to match the control systems

and IT systems to the regulatory requirements.

Server room upgrade management according gap analysis

and according to regulations.

Intel Jerusalem

Pre-design management of renovation of dining room

including replacement of air conditioning system to comply with

environmental quality institute requirements.

(Cooperation with SLD Engineering company)



Track And Trace Project- validation activities

(mechanical and computerized system validation),

IT & Control services.

Internal projects management.

Services for computerized system validation (CSV)

CardioValve (Mitraltech)

Validation & Verification services for critical utilities

(Such as HVAC system, OFA etc.), clean room,

manufacturing equipment & labs due to

new facility establishment of the company.

Vitamed LTD

Validation Service for new HVAC system and new laboratories in

Binyamina site, including CSV for the HMI system.

Gap assessment for existing ERP system (A400),

according CSV requirement.

Stem Cell


Validation services new freezers.

Implementation & preparation of Material management

module in ERP system (Priority), for validation activities,

according the requirements of the company.

Mapi Pharma

Commissioning for critical systems and machines.

Internal audit preparation for MAOH audit.

J&J Medical Israel– Shfaim


Compliance analysis for software, according to GDPR requirement.

SOP’s and preparation to implementation of new cloud- based

(Phase 1- PasS services) for new ERP system, including data

transfer protocols writing, and participation in supplier

audit of the PasS services provider.

(Cooperation with Dot Compliance Company)

Teva Pharmaceuticals

Validation Service for Track & Trace project.

Validation service for new RO system

Risk Assessments writing for Re-validation activities for

machines and utilities.

Replacement of old tablets quality checking machines

with new machines, project management.


Verification documents writing for Salesforce

cloud-based CRM system.

(Cooperation with Dot Compliance Company)

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