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What is Serializati...

What is Serialization  


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Serialization is the allocating of a predetermined coding brand, to each product unit, conferring it with a singular identity, that allows it to be efficiently tracked at virtually any moment, and traced to its location at any phase of the production process.

Mandatory Serialization - Time is Running Out!

Extraordinary initiative driven by worldwide regulatory agencies has placed serialization and track and trace in the very front of the combat against counterfeit and falsified drugs, which pose a global public health risk. By tracking the product through the supply chain, from manufacturing point to the pharmacy, pharmaceutical companies can benefit the power of information to strengthen their supply chain integrity and increase its efficiency.

GS1 identifiers are used to support the joint effort:

  • Global Location Number (GLN)- Unique ID of business location
  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)- unique ID of a trade item
  • Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC)- unique ID of units as mixed cases and pallets.

Combined with extended data such as serial number, lot and expiration date, these elements create a singular identification for the produced package. As this information can be printed as a human readable "license plate", it can also be encoded into GS1 data carrier – 2D data matrix, linear barcodes and RFIDs.

According to the above, it is required to have a robust system to assign, verify, aggregate, communicate and track each individual packaged unit. To be effective, the system must be an integral part of packaging, warehouse and distribution of the supply chain. Comprehensive design and development must be performed to optimize the function and operation of such complex system.

Process Implementation

That's where we come in! from the very beginning of the planning process to the first released serialized and aggregated batch, our team can provide project management, validation and development services. With the strong cooperation with global repository providers, line manufacturers and our expertise you can consider the project as done!

You are welcome to use this forum and raise your query or use the contact us section in the home page. We will do our best to answer you asap.

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